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Multiple Countdowns

Put multiple countdown widgets on your Desktop and have them running at once. After adding a countdown, just click twice on a countdown from the list to show countdown on the Desktop. You can close a widget simply by clicking on the close button at the top left corner of a widget.


Open from Status bar

Quickly open Event Countdown from Status bar with keyboard hotkey and add countdown from there.

App Themes


Event Countdown

Released - 2017-11-29 | Updated - Dec 01, 2017

Are you waiting for a special future event of your life and you cannot wait anymore? Put a countdown widget on your Desktop and make it more special.

Event Countdown is a cool new way to help you count down to the special day of your life!

Features include:
- 10 different theme colors.
- 3 different countdown widget style.
- Save events directly to your Calendar.
- Put multiple widget for different life events on your desktop.
- Get separate notification prior to the event.
- Add countdown from menu bar.
- Launch app as well as open app from status bar with keyboard shortcut.
- Save all your previous countdowns in Archived list.

So, download Event Countdown today and make the period of waiting more exciting.


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The most beautiful countdown app for Mac.

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