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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • DateBook Introduction

    DateBook is a simple journal app for everyone who likes to write journals. It lets you write daily journals on a distraction free and beautiful interface. It saves all your journals with information like date, time, word count and presents them on a beautiful interface from where you can scroll through all your journal entries at a time.


    Each and every journal entry will be bookmarked at the left bar as a topic. You add as many journal entries as you can and save it as a single topic. All these journal entries will be saved on a scrollable interface under that topic. You can scroll through all your journal entries under each topic and read them instantly.

  • What is the difference between Reader and Editor Mode?

    DateBook has two different modes. Reader Mode and Editor Mode. In Reader Mode, you can browse through your journals under a Journal Topic and read them continuously on a scrollable interface. And in Editor Mode, you can write journals.

    Once you click on “Start writing today…” or click on the plus button at the top right corner of the app, you activate the Editor Mode. After writing your journal, once you click on the tick button at the bottom right corner, you save the current journal and activate the Reader Mode.

  • How to add a Journal Topic?

    Journal topics can be created and saved on the left bar of the app. Please click on the +Add new button and type your new Journal Topic name. After you are done with the name, please press Return. Now you can add journals inside this newly created Journal Topic. Please click on a Journal Topic to begin with the adding Journals.


  • How to add a New Journal?

    After you add a Journal Topic, please click on it to add a journal inside it. You can also select another Journal Topic if you wish to add journal inside a different one. After you select a Journal Topic from the left bar, please move to the right side of the app. Please click on the “Start writing today…” at the bottom. It will take you to the editor mode where you can write your journals.

    After you are done with the journal, please click on the tick button at the extreme bottom right corner of the app to save the entire journal entry.

  • How to add location with each Journal Entry?

    You can add your location with each journal entry. In Editor mode, please click on the Pin button at the right panel to open a small pop-up window from where you can search for your location. It will automatically put your current location if you allow DateBook to access your location.


  • How to add Feeling with each Journal Entry?

    Add you are feeling at the time of writing the journal and save it. You can click on the smiley button at the top right corner and select from a comprehensive list of pre-defined feelings.


  • Journal Date and Time.

    While adding a journal in Editor Mode, you can choose a custom date and time as your journal entry date and time. You can click on the Calendar icon at the top left side of the app and choose a date and time by using the date picker. If you leave it unchanged at the time of adding a journal, the current date and time will be saved with the journal.

    Use the same calendar in Reader Mode to jump to different journal entries by date. If you click on a date, it will show you all the journal entries taken on that date.


  • How to customize font face and size?

    DateBook App lets you customize text size so that you can read your journals comfortably. You can also choose from different font styles to make your journal look beautiful. Please find all the settings for customizing Font style and text size under the General Tab in the App Preference.

  • How to apply different App Themes?

    Select from five additional themes to choose from along with the default white one. You can change the app them under the General Tab in the App Preference window.


  • How to apply password protection?

    Protect your journals from preying eyes by locking DateBook with a password. Please find the security settings under Security Tab in the App Preference window. Your password can retrieved from Keychain app if you ever forget it.


  • How to Backup your Journals and Restore them?

    Take timely backup of all your journals and never lose your precious memories. If you ever delete any journal by mistake or you lose your data, you can easily restore it from your last backup and get all your journals in a matter of seconds. Please find necessary settings for automatic backup and restore option under the Backup Tab in the App Preference window.


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